Can I roll over a 529 College Savings Plan into my STABLE account?

Yes, if you or a family member* are the beneficiary of a 529 College Savings account, the owner of that account can roll it over (subject to the annual contribution limit and lifetime contribution limit) into your STABLE account without tax penalty.

There is a $18,000 rollover limit (less any current tax-year STABLE contributions).

You can use the appropriate 529 College Savings to ABLE Rollover Form.

*If the beneficiary of the 529 College Savings account is someone other than the STABLE account beneficiary, the STABLE account beneficiary must be considered a “Member of the Family” of the 529 College Savings account beneficiary as defined under Section 529 of the federal tax code, which includes: biological and step-parents, aunts, uncles, siblings, children, first cousins, nieces and nephews; parents, siblings, children, nieces and nephews by marriage; legally adopted children; and half-brothers or half-sisters.