• Who can send me gifts?

    Once you’ve set up your gifting page, anyone who has a link can contribute towards your goal. Gift contributions do count toward your yearly contribution limit. So, if you’ve already reached the limit, your page will remain public, but no one can contribute again until next year.

  • Who controls the funds in a STABLE account?

    The Eligible Individual is considered to be the account owner. However, anyone who has Power of Attorney, a conservator or legal guardian, a spouse, parent, sibling, grandparent, or a representative payee (individual or organization), in that priority, can act as an Authorized Legal Representative...

  • Who is True Link?

    True Link Financial, Inc. is a financial services provider that powers the STABLE Visa® Card features and services. An innovator in the investment space, True Link has developed specialized fraud-detection algorithms that prevent common types of fraud and financial abuse.  By partnering with True...

  • Who owns the account?

    The beneficiary is the only owner of the account.

  • Why do I have to go to a different website to manage the card?

    Even though your prepaid card can only be pre-loaded with funds from your STABLE account, it is not linked directly to your funds. True Link and Sunrise Banks N.A. issue and manage the card and allow you to add your funds to the card from your STABLE account. 

  • Will a credit check be performed when I apply for the card?

    No, a credit check is not required to open an STABLE Visa® Card. However, the federal government does require True Link to verify the identity of each cardholder who opens a Card Account. When a Card account is opened, True Link will ask for the following information to attempt to verify the...

  • Will having an account make me ineligible for Medicaid?

    No. Having a STABLE account doesn’t count towards your eligibility for Medicaid regardless of the amount saved in the account.

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