• Can I limit spending to certain categories?

    Yes. Once you receive your STABLE Visa® Card, you can log in and set customized restrictions on certain spending categories and you can also turn on SMS alerts to notify you of a range of activity on your card.* Your settings can be updated at any time by logging in to your STABLE Visa Card...

  • Can I move money from the card back into my account?

    No. Once money is moved from your account onto your STABLE Visa® Card, it cannot be moved back into your STABLE account. 

  • Can I open and/or manage more than one STABLE account?

    Yes, you can have a STABLE account for yourself and/or open and manage multiple STABLE accounts for beneficiaries as their Authorized Legal Representative. Remember that each STABLE account can be connected to one or more bank accounts, and each beneficiary can have only one account at a time.  See...

  • Can I roll over a 529 College Savings Plan into my STABLE account?

    Yes, if you or a family member* are the beneficiary of a 529 College Savings account, the owner of that account can roll it over (subject to the annual contribution limit and lifetime contribution limit) into your STABLE account without tax penalty. There is a $17,000 rollover limit (less any...

  • Can I set automatic transfers onto the card?

    No. Automatic transfers are not available at this time. 

  • Can I set up automatic monthly transfers into a STABLE account?

    Yes. Look for the “Transfers” button once you’re signed in and follow the setup for Monthly Transfers.

  • Can I still work and have an account?

    Yes. With the ABLE to Work Act you can even contribute up to an extra $13,590 (as of 2023) to your STABLE account if you are working, in addition to the yearly contribution limit of $17,000.  Keep in mind that STABLE accounts help protect assets from counting against benefit asset limits. They do...

  • Can I transfer an existing ABLE account into my STABLE account?

    Yes, you can use the ABLE to ABLE Rollover Form to get started. Keep in mind that you can only make one rollover every 12 months. A STABLE account can also be rolled over to an eligible member of the family if the rollover happens before the death of the original beneficiary who opened the account.

  • Can I use an existing STABLE account if it was closed?

    Yes. Simply give us a call and we’ll walk you through the process to get it reestablished. Reach us Monday through Friday, at 1-800-439-1653 from 9am-8pm ET.

  • Can I use funds to pay for housing or rent?

    Yes, you can use money from a STABLE account for housing expenses. If you’re eligible for Supplemental Security Income (SSI), the money must be used within the month it was withdrawn so it doesn’t affect your SSI eligibility. The balance held in your STABLE account doesn’t affect other housing...